How to get AdminLTE Installed on Laravel Quickly

Simple Admin Template for Laravel Get Started in a Couple of Seconds

I was looking for an admin template for a small Laravel project I am starting and I found that there is a repo for AdminLTE on Laravel that makes the development super easy and it is super easy to install just follow the instructions to get started. 

On the root folder of your Laravel project, require the package using composer:

composer require jeroennoten/laravel-adminlte

Install the required package resources using the next command:

php artisan adminlte:install

The command will install the AdminLTE template and its dependencies (BootstrapjQuery, etc.) on your public/vendor folder, the package configuration on the config/adminlte.php file, and the package translations on the resources/lang/vendor/adminlte/ folder.

You can use --force option to overwrite existing files.

You can use --interactive option to be guided through the process and choose what you want to install.

You can check the installation status of the package resources with the command php artisan adminlte:status

Optionally, and for Laravel 7+ only, the package offers a set of AdminLTE styled authentication views that you can use in replacement of the ones provided by the legacy laravel/ui authentication scaffolding. If you are planning to use these views, then first require the laravel/ui package using composer:

composer require laravel/ui
php artisan ui vue --auth

Then, you can make the view replacements executing the next artisan command:

php artisan adminlte:install --only=auth_views

Important: The authentication scaffolding offers features like login, logout and registration. It is a recommendation to always read the Laravel Authentication Documentation for details about the authentication scaffolding. Note that Laravel offers some starter kits (like Laravel-Breeze) besides the legacy laravel/ui package. So, using the authentication views from this package is OPTIONALLY and UP TO YOU.

For the Full Documentation Visit: