Abraham Garcia in Fun Stuff   Thursday, May 26 2022

Change Mac OS X Default PHP Version

Change your default PHP Version from Mac to Install Composer Dependencies without an Issue. Easy 5 Step to Follow

I was having trouble getting laravel to install the composer dependencies because my mac version PHP was lower than what some of the dependencies required. So I found a StackOverflow

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Abraham Garcia in WordPress   Saturday, May 21 2022

Stop Spam Contact Form 7 Plugins

3 Plugin Options to Stop your Contact Form 7 From Sending Spam. Simple Implementation Out of the Box Solutions.

I found an article online on how to stop Spam that was very useful. This helped with Bots sending emails. https://www.clook.net/blog/stopping-contact-form-7-spam/ This article talks about Installing Akismet: https://en-gb.wordpress.org/plugins/akismet/Installing the Contact

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Abraham Garcia in Fun Stuff   Thursday, May 12 2022

Free Elementor Funnel Templates

A Cool Elementor Template for Getting Started with Funnels. Includes a Landing Funnel Page with a Thank You Page.

Recently I been seeing a lot of funnel products like click funnels, lead pages, high level, and many others. So I decided to create a simple template for Elementor that

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Abraham Garcia in WordPress   Saturday, May 7 2022

Setup your WordPress Projects with GitHub

An Easy Way to Work with Local and Production Environments for WordPress Through GIT. This made working with multiple developers in WordPress.

While I was working with a couple of developers I was struggling with version control and WordPress sometimes makes it difficult to work with a couple in a team. So

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