Abraham Garcia in Fun Stuff   Wednesday, October 13 2021

Auto Deploy GIT on Digital Ocean or Any Other VPS

Deploy your GIT Projects automatically when you push to master in Digital Ocean. Simple and Fast way to get started with deployment.

I was looking for a way to deploy my projects automatically and found this great tutorial online: https://techtrekking.com/simple-git-auto-deployment-to-digital-ocean-or-any-other-vps/ Step#1 Install git on local and remote machine. Installing git $sudo apt-get

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Abraham Garcia in PHP Scripts   Thursday, June 10 2021

How to Remove a Migration in Laravel

I wanted to delete a laravel migration because I named it incorrectly so I had to follow the steps to rollback.

I found this article on StackOverflow that showed me what to do to delete a migration I accidentally created a migration with a bad name (command: php artisan migrate:make). I did not

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