Abraham Garcia in PHP Scripts   Tuesday, August 1 2023

419 Page Expired After Login on Laravel

Resolve expired login sessions on Laravel with Laracast's tip: Configure SESSION_DOMAIN for seamless security. Optimize user experiences now!

I have some projects that I have been getting expired after login on Laravel. I recently found something on Laracast that helped me get this solved. After you checked that

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Abraham Garcia in PHP Scripts   Monday, July 31 2023

How to Publish All Laravel Packages

Publish Laravel Packages so you can modify files without affecting composer installation. Simple and Easy Script.

Learn how to publish the Laravel Package Assets. php artisan vendor:publish --tag=courier-config Here is also a bit more information on how to do this https://laravel.com/docs/10.x/packages#publishing-file-groups

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Abraham Garcia in PHP Scripts   Wednesday, June 28 2023

How to do Tab and New Line in PHP echo Statement

Enhance your PHP output formatting with tabs and new lines. Learn how to use echo statements effectively for organized and readable code. Level up your PHP projects now!

Tabs: To include tabs in your echo statements, you can use the escape sequence "\t". For example: echo "This is some text.\tThis will be tabbed."; New lines: To include new

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Abraham Garcia in PHP Scripts   Thursday, June 10 2021

How to Remove a Migration in Laravel

I wanted to delete a laravel migration because I named it incorrectly so I had to follow the steps to rollback.

I found this article on StackOverflow that showed me what to do to delete a migration I accidentally created a migration with a bad name (command: php artisan migrate:make). I did not

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