Top 11 React Libraries for 2021

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Every developer knows that keeping up with the tools they use is crucial to one’s business.

Technology advances in leaps and bounds, and a year might as well be decades when it comes to programming, so it pays to stay informed and updated.

Sure, knowing the basics of JavaScript is one of the main things you should know as a developer, but the basics won’t take you all that far without some solid knowledge of libraries, particularly the popular ones.

One of the most popular JavaScript libraries these days?


What is ReactJS?

Designed with user experience in mind, ReactJS is a powerful open-source JavaScript library capable of creating both web and mobile apps.

Its easy integration with other JS libraries, intuitive routines, and comprehensive framework gives developers the tools to create breathtaking applications while cutting down the amount of time they spend coding.

What’s more, there are literally hundreds of React Libraries out there, all with their own incredible components, so a little digging around can go a long way towards developing amazing applications.

While it does take some work to find the best React Libraries, we’ve decided to save you some time by pre-selecting some of the best for you.

The 11 Best React Libraries and Frameworks.

Before you start your next app development project, take a look at this comprehensive list of React libraries and frameworks.

We guarantee it will help you create amazing apps from the start!

Material UI

MaterialUI is one of the most popular React components, and with good reason.

It’s known for enabling faster and simpler web development, as well as allowing developers to create their own design systems or start with material already provided.

This React library includes a large collection of ready-to-use components that can be plugged into any application without the use of app developers and offers a wide range of tools and API to enhance the app creation process.

Create React App

This command-line interface was created by Facebook developers and is perfect for creating a React.js project with ease.

It helps build catalog and file structures and includes all the necessary tools to help you build, test, and launch the application with no external help.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned expert, this is an absolute must-have.


Redux is a state management solution that’s generally used in integration with React but also works well with similar frameworks.

Redux reduces the requirement of call-backs and props by connecting all components straight to the whole state.


This component library was created to build a stable UI with scales and design constraints defined by the user.

Thanks to its very small footprint, Rebass is all about quick designed and development and is known for being helpful, minimal, and expandable.

Ant-design components.

If you’re looking for something more comprehensive, though less streamlined, Ant-designed components is the library for you.

Ant-design provides a huge list of over 50 customizable components perfect for creating a beautifully crafted, yet completely customizable, application.

However all the components in this library were based on a language created by the app creators themselves, so there’s a learning curve that you should consider.


This framework was created by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton from Twitter.

While it technically predates React by a few years, React-Bootstrap is a wonderful library to use, as each of its components has been built from scratch to e a proper React component, which eliminates unneeded dependencies like jQuery.

Though it can be used to develop mobile apps, React-Bootstrap works better for web development.

Styled Components

A wonderful CSS tool created with organization and efficiency in mind, Styled Component works both for React and React Native and has more than earned a place in this list.

This react library allows you to build small, reusable components that will define the look of your app.

The use of CSS is a little controversial, but the way Styled Components does it allows you to use CSS syntax directly inside of your components, thus minimizing the risk of overwriting selectors while giving you a chance to preview your app.


This component library was created with a mobile-first mentality which makes it great for web projects but ideal for mobile apps.

It’s known for enabling reader tags, keyboard navigation, and including multiple atomic design strategies.

It also has several svg icons, and is used by big-name organizations like Samsung, HP, Uber, and more.

React Spinner

This React Library offers something a little different from the rest.

React Spinner comprises loading spinners depending on Halogen, which allows developers to keep visitors entertained during the loading process.

With over 20 different loaders to choose from, React Spinner is a powerful tool to have at your disposal.

Blueprint UI react

Created with desktop app development in mind, Blueprint UI React’s components were chosen specifically to develop data-dense and complex interfaces.

Some of the code chosen for this library allows you to create icons and enable communication with times, dates, and time zones, making it a robust tool for more data-heavy desktop apps.

It also comes with a light and dark theme to help you choose whatever suits your needs best

React Virtualized

This is an exceptional library for a very specific and narrow purpose: Optimizing the analysis of tabular data and large lists.

If you’re in charge of a lot of components or looking for a tool to make it easier to assess numerous columns in a single table, this is the React library for you.

React Virtualized incorporates autosizers, multigrids, arrowkeysteppers, columnsizers, and much more to ensure everything is done as quickly as smoothly as possible, and its many tools and personalization options make it one of the most versatile React libraries out there.

React libraries will continue to grow and evolve with time, giving users a variety of components they’ll be able to use to take their apps to a whole new level.

This makes keeping up with the times and doing your own research on React libraries a must if you want to be a top developer.

In the meantime, we hope our selection can give you the necessary tools to get you started and to help you get a taste of everything React libraries can do for you!

Thanks for reading.