The Best Plugins for A/B Testing in WordPress

When you own a website, you will always want to have more and more in it. Whether it be subscribers, conversions, revenue, clicks,  etc. It may be done via new traffic to the same site, or from the traffic that already is there. Everything will depend on the objectives that are planned for that moment. A/B testing is an excellent option to optimize websites since a test is performed before launching a new product, service or simply a significant change within the platform, which results in a safe conversion towards the goal you want to achieve.

A/B testing may be complicated for many, but in WordPress, it is quite the opposite. Since there are plugins that make these actions with just one click and results are seen almost immediately.

What are A/B tests?

They are processes in which two or more versions of a variable are tested to measure its performance. This can be a landing page, a call-to-action button, a payment platform, a video, a menu, amongst others. These changes or versions will be shown to different people to gauge their impact on the community that already knows it.

A/B tests are not only for digital marketing experts. Plugins help perform them in a simpler way. Here we will share with you some that may be of help.

Plugins for A/B testing

First, we must make it clear that not all plugins are for you. Each one has a function and will be focused on your goal. If you want to perform a specific action you should take into account that, when you use a plugin, you must know what it does and how the results will be described, so as not to make expensive mistakes. Here is our compilation of plugins for A/B testing.

1. Nelio AB Testing

Nelio AB Testing is a plugin that performs A/B tests of absolutely everything on the website: texts, images, videos, links etc. Everything that includes your website and can be a contributor to better positioning this plugin can do it.

The interesting thing about this plugin is that you can see the results in the form of graphs, which makes it a plus. It measures the conversion rate between the different variables that are tested in order to determine which would be the right one to leave permanently within the site. This plugin has a free version and a very complete paid version with technical support for any concerns that arise.

2. Google Optimize         

This plugin has a great feature: it is linked to the Google Analytics extension. Simply by having a Google account and logging in, you will have access to Google Optimize, thus being a powerful tool for A/B testing.

Together, Google Analytics and Google Optimize offer a perfect solution for A/B testing and data collection on the website. Although its interface is not so friendly, it can work without problem. The important thing is that you have understood some of the basic functions in order to perform the tests without any problems and have better results.

3. Split Hero

Split Hero is one of the easiest plugins to use, which helps to make A/B testing much easier. This plugin is designed for people who work on their own as freelancers, also for small businesses and agencies, although it is also used by programmers who want to give their websites a plus.

You can perform a test with up to 4 of the same variables, choosing the date on which you want to perform the test, and voila! You would already be achieving an A/B test for this. It is one of the simplest plugins to use, maintaining the simplicity that has always characterized WordPress.

4. Thrive Headline Optimizer

This plugin is one of the most used to improve conversion rates to the website, optimize interaction times with the content that exists within the website, and of course, scrolling through the web­­ -–all of which makes it a very complete plugin. The only drawback is that it’s not very profitable for new users on a website since the plugin is paid for and it does not offer a free version. However, the automatization features are worth every penny, making it very flexible to the requirements of each website. This plugin has a close relationship with WordPress, so the technical support is very advanced and gives answers almost immediately.

5. Title Experiments

This plugin is one of the most limited in terms of its use in A/B testing for WordPress, it is not like the previous ones that we presented. With this one, you cannot choose different elements of your website, but you can only do A/B testing on different titles, making its function limited in this regard.

Although it may seem a little strange, the function of performing A/B tests on the titles can be very good, since a good title is what leads to clicks on your content increase, so a striking title for your community will attract more traffic to your site, and that will result in more views. This plugin is not complicated to us, and with just a few clicks you can see what title works best for you, so you can win views and your site will thank you.

We do not mean to say that the programs in this list are the only ones to perform A/B tests, but that they are the ones we consider the most complete and easiest to use. We would like for you to tell us if you have used them, or if you prefer another one, and what has been your experience with them. This way we can all learn and become a community.