Stripe Introduces Sigma - An SQL Powered Engine

Stripe Sigma was built to help business quickly analyze their stripe data and to enable teams to get faster business insights.

Stripe has done it again. A couple of days ago Stripe announced their new SQL Powered Search Sigma. We believe Sigma will be a great tool for business owners to get fast and reliable reports from their Stripe Data.


Optimized for fast answers

We’ve already written the queries for the most useful reports for different types of businesses: From computing MRR to ARPU to analyzing the payment methods your customers prefer, you can jump in quickly by editing one of our pre-built templates or start from scratch to fully customize your report. We’ve also added syntax highlighting, descriptive errors, and auto-completion for data tables and columns—it’s like a built-in IDE for writing queries.


Stripe data, at the ready

Quick sidebar access to a full map of the structure of your data stored in Stripe (including any additional metadata you send us) makes it easy to combine all the relevant data needed from across Stripe’s products—payments, payouts, customers, subscriptions, refunds, and more.


Save and share queries with your team

Save frequently-used queries to run them again at any time or share a link to a useful query so that any of your teammates can use it too.

Learn More about Sigma and Pricing: