Oxygen App - Visually Design Your WordPress Website

Oxygen App - A WordPress Plugin to Visually Design Your Website is a great tool too build your website in a few minutes.

Oxygen App - A WordPress Plugin to Visually Design Your Website is a great tool too build your website in a few minutes. 

You can design your website from scratch or from built in templates that Oxygen provides. This is a useful tool and the pricing is very accessible.





Designing from scratch, with Oxygen.

With most visual editing tools for WordPress, you're limited to controlling just a few parameters for each element. So you can never get things looking exactly how you want.

With Oxygen, you build from fundamental HTML elements and visually edit their CSS properties. This gives you total, down-to-the-pixel control.

Responsive done right.

Choose your media query from the dropdown, then create different styles for different devices.

Create designs for any post type or archive

Designs created with Oxygen can be applied to just content you want to target, including:
  • Posts & Pages
  • WooCommerce Products
  • Any Custom Post Type
  • Blog Archives
  • Any Post Type Archive
  • Any Taxonomy
  • And anything else using Oxygen's flexible filtering options, like all posts in a specific category, only products with a certain tag, all WooCommerce pages, etc.

Display content from the WP database with code. You can find pre-built Code Blocks to display your page's inner content, a blog loop, a WooCommerce Product, a comment form, etc. in the WP Basics Design Set.

You can also write your own PHP code directly inside Oxygen to build as much custom functionality as you want. That PHP code will behave just like it would if you put it in the corresponding WordPress template files in /wp-content/themes/, so you can run custom WordPress loops, call WP API functions, run custom queries, use template tags, etc.

Set up Custom Post Types and Custom Fields however you want.

Using a custom post type plugin like WCK, CPT UI, Toolset, Pods or any plugin you prefer you can create a custom post type. Then in Oxygen you can create Views that apply to that post type. 

With Custom Fields, use your favorite custom fields plugin to set up your fields. Then add the field into your design using a shortcode or by adding a Code Block - just like you would when manually editing a theme file. 

Take visual control of all parts of your website.

Headers, footers, sidebars, and menus are all editable in Oxygen.

Unlike typical page builders where you can only edit your page content, Oxygen gives you total visual control of your headers, footers, sidebars, and menus.

Make anything you will use across multiple pages a Reusable Part. You can then edit it in one place and the changes will automatically appear everywhere you're using that reusable part.

Display & Style Plugin Output Inside Oxygen

When it comes to plugin compatibility, Oxygen behaves just like any other WordPress theme. That means if it works with a normal WP theme, it will work with Oxygen.
Insert plugin output into your pages with...


Display and style the output of any shortcode inside Oxygen. Simply paste in the shortcode to Oxygen's shortcode component.


With Oxygen you can add any widget to any place on any page. Forget sidebars; just put the widget right where you want it.

PHP Code

Have a PHP function that must be called inside a theme template file? With Oxygen, just add a Code Block and paste in your code.
...then style the plugin output inside Oxygen.

Write code in Oxygen. See the results live.

Escape the endless loop of tweaking code, uploading and refreshing.

Run custom WordPress loops, implement elaborate JavaScript functionality, tweak advanced CSS properties, or simply embed a YouTube video. You can do it all right inside Oxygen.