How to Setup Google Ads Conversions on Shopify

Simple Steps to Track Sales for your Google Ad Campaigns on Shopify.

After you create your google conversion action on Google Ads. Follow these steps to track sales on Shopify. 

Install Global Site Tag

1) Navigate to Online Store on the Left Hand Side

2) Click on Actions -> Edit Code

3) Open your theme.liquid file

4) Insert the code in the <head></head>

Install the Event Snippet

1) Navigate to Settings -> Checkout

2) In order processing there is a section called Additional Scripts

3) Add Global Site Tag from Google Ads

4) Then insert your conversion event

{% if first_time_accessed %}
<!-- Event snippet for Test conversion page -->
  gtag('event', 'conversion', {
    'send_to': '1234567',
    'value': {{ checkout.subtotal_price | divided_by: 100.0 }},
    'currency': '{{ currency }}',
    'transaction_id': '{{ order_number }}',
{% endif %}