Getting Started with Android Cordova Development

A short list of functions needed to get started with Cordova Android Development. Simple Deployment Functions.

1. First we need to install Cordova either on OS X, Linus, or Windows

OS X or Linus

   $ sudo npm install -g cordova


   C:\>npm install -g cordova


2. How to create your First App.

Go to the directory where you maintain your source code, and create a cordova project:

$ cordova create hello com.example.hello HelloWorld


3. Add Platforms

All subsequent commands need to be run within the project's directory, or any subdirectories:

$ cd hello
$ cordova platform add android


4. Build the App

$ cordova build android


5. Test the App

$ cordova run android --emulator
//Run in Device
cordova run android --device


Full Documentation: