A Cool Plugin to Create Multiple Sidebars for WooCommerce

This is a Plugin that can be used to create Custom SideBar in WooCommerce.

This is the best plugin to create custom sidebars for WooCommerce without modifying any code. I was struggling on creating custom sidebars through the actual code and i found this plugin to do all i wanted. This should be the best plugin to use when creating Sidebars for WooCommerce.

WooSidebars: Perfect SideBar Management 


With WooSidebars you can override any widgetized area on your WordPress-powered website, displaying different widgets for different screens... without touching a line of code.


  • No Theme Modification Required
  • Seamless WordPress Integration
  • Custom Sidebars for Any Post
  • Override any Dynamic Sidebar
  • Advanced Replacement Conditions
  • Powered By WooThemes

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