Laravel Admin Dashboard – Backpack

Backpack is a simple MVC Architecture built on Laravel. This can make it super simple for you to get Laravel admin deployed in a couple of minutes.


This package has a free version but also a premium. The basic package comes with.

  • Bootstrap template with 180+ HTML components
  • Free features – 4 operations, 29 fields, 24 columns, multi-language, tabs etc.

Full Features:

So how do you install backpack?

Follow these instructions to get started

0) Open your project folder in your terminal:

cd your-laravel-project-name

1) In your project's main directory:

# require Backpack using Composer
composer require backpack/crud:"^5.0"
composer require --dev backpack/generators

# run the installation command
php artisan backpack:install

For the full documentation visit the website: