Abraham Garcia in Javascript/jQuery   Tuesday, May 23 2023

Mastering React Routing: A Comprehensive Guide with Code Examples

React Router is a powerful library that enables developers to implement routing in React applications, allowing for the creation of dynamic and interactive web pages.

React is a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces, and one of its key features is its powerful routing capabilities. React Router, a library specifically designed for routing in

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Abraham Garcia in Javascript/jQuery   Wednesday, November 16 2022

The Importance of Javascript

Javascript is the most popular programming languages worldwide. We explain its uses and the important of having a JS backgroud.

You might continue to ask yourself, what programming language should I start with? How does a software begin their programming journey? Others might tell you to dive into HTML, CSS

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Abraham Garcia in Javascript/jQuery   Sunday, July 24 2022

Learn About Next JS Routing

Learn About Next JS Routing. A Short and Useful Handbook for using routes within your projects. Learn Next JS.

These are some of the ways your can route your project in Next JS with their built-in functionality. Index Routes The router will automatically route files named index to the root of

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