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Abraham Garcia Abraham Garcia in Video Editing   Friday, November 27 2020

Add LUTs into Premiere Pro in Bulk - Adobe Premier Mac OS

Bulk add LUTs into Premiere Pro Adobe for Mac. Adobe Premiere 2020

How to add your LUTs into Premiere in a bulk process. Simply follow these steps or follow the video to get these installed.  1) Navigate into Applications 2) Locate Adobe Premiere Pro 3) Show Packaged Contents 4) Navigate into

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Rafael Meneses Rafael Meneses in Video Editing   Tuesday, November 13 2018

Best Exporting Guidelines and Tips For Facebook Videos

The Best Exporting Tips for Facebook Videos. Export from Premier or After Effects like a professional.

Facebook has a long list of supported formats for video and they cover almost all video codecs known to man.  It is recommended that you use a MOV or MP4 codec with an aspect ratio no larger that 4000px wide and a frame rate below 30 fps with

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