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Abraham Garcia Abraham Garcia in Fun Stuff   Wednesday, April 14 2021

Error: EACCES: permission denied when trying to install on npm

Permission Error When Running NPM Package Installation

I was having issues installing an npm package and I found something online to get it installed. Simply run some flags on your command and it will install it even if you have EACCES permissions errors.  --unsafe-perm=true --allow-root Full

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Abraham Garcia Abraham Garcia in PHP Scripts   Tuesday, April 13 2021

How to get AdminLTE Installed on Laravel Quickly

Simple Admin Template for Laravel Get Started in a Couple of Seconds

I was looking for an admin template for a small Laravel project I am starting and I found that there is a repo for AdminLTE on Laravel that makes the development super easy and it is super easy to install just follow the instructions to get

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Abraham Garcia Abraham Garcia in WordPress   Sunday, April 4 2021

Add Dynamically WordPress Title to Contact Form 7

Simply Add Page URL to your Contact Form 7 Body

This will allow you to get the post title sent to you on the contact form 7 plugin. Pretty simple to use.  1) Download plugin: (Make sure you have Contact Form 7)

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Abraham Garcia Abraham Garcia in HTML/CSS Scripts   Tuesday, March 30 2021

How to Change SVG Colore with Hover

Easy Hover SVG Color Change Via Filter. Does not replace image on hover

This is a cool CodePen I found for hover SVG change you need to do it via a filter option here is an example of the HTML.  <div> <span class="icon icon-bike"></span> <span class="icon icon-bell"></span>

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Abraham Garcia Abraham Garcia in PHP Scripts   Thursday, March 25 2021

How to share data across all Laravel Views

Share you Data Across all Laravel Views in One Simple File Modification.

If you wanted to share data across your different views in Laravel and I found this quick way to do it.  In your Providers/AppServiceProvider.php in the boot() function insert the following to share data across all views. 

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Abraham Garcia Abraham Garcia in Fun Stuff   Saturday, March 6 2021

How to kill server when seeing EADDRINUSE: address already in use

Kill Server on MAC when EADDRINUSE. This happens when the server is already running.

How to kill the process manually when you are unable to restart the localhost server. First we need to determine what process it is So we will see what is running on the port for this example we will use 8080 ⇒ lsof -i tcp:8080 This outputs

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Abraham Garcia Abraham Garcia in Application Development   Thursday, February 18 2021

Background Color Change Ionic Does not Change

Problems with changing the background color of an ionic app on stylesheet variables.

We were struggling to get the background color changed on an ionic app and we discovered that we were changing the color scheme background color but not in the light preference color method. It is important to make the changes outside of your color

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Abraham Garcia Abraham Garcia in WordPress   Thursday, February 11 2021

Edit Site URL on WordPress Temporarily

Change the WordPress URL with two lines of code for a temporary time.

This is a short snippet to get your WordPress URL changed temporarily if you want to do quick debugs. Add the following code into the wp-config.php file. This will change the path.  define( 'WP_HOME', '' ); define(

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Abraham Garcia Abraham Garcia in Fun Stuff   Thursday, February 4 2021

Why do i need to source bash profile every time on Mac

Stop adding the bash profile on your terminal every time you restart your mac computer.

I have a Mac Laptop and when I did stuff on the terminal with composer I would always have to refer to source bash. I finally found an article that allowed me to fix this issue.  Run ps -p $$ at the command line to determine that

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Nahum Garcia Nahum Garcia in Fun Stuff   Thursday, January 28 2021

iOS Toggl Report through Shortcuts

How to use shortcuts to make API requests and automate Toggl Reporting

iOS Shortcuts has become one of my favorite programming languages in the last 4 years. It’s surprisingly powerful for how simple it’s design is. Sometimes that simplicity makes it very tedious to do things, but once you have it done, the

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