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Abraham Garcia Abraham Garcia in PHP Scripts   Friday, November 21 2014

PHP Function to Create Nice URLs

This function will allow you to create nice friendly SEO URLs with PHP using prep_replace function. A useful function for blog post titles.

I have always liked nice urls in website it makes it cleaner and gives you better result for SEO. This is why i like to share this function on making nice URLs. You can store the title of your page/blog/etc in this format and then call it in your

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Abraham Garcia Abraham Garcia in Javascript/jQuery   Thursday, November 20 2014

jQuery Hover Image Replace, Replace Image on Hover

jQuery hover image replace, jQuery Hover Function, Replace Image on Hover

This is a working demo to replace image on hover using the jQuery hover function. This function will help you save time on replacing image on hover. <img src=""

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Abraham Garcia Abraham Garcia in PHP Scripts   Wednesday, November 19 2014

A US State Dropdown from PHP Array

A US state dropdown from a PHP array. We have also included an SQL state to insert into your database.

A PHP array for US states is a better cleaner option than adding all the option values into your HTML form. This is a working example of a dropdown for the US States from a PHP array. We also included the SQL statement if you would like to add it

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