6 Ways to Make Money Programming

Getting a job as a programmer is hard. Sometimes, it is possible that you do not have enough experience for the job or that the salary offered is not what you expect, also many agencies are looking for people with a lot of experience and that is not in your plans, and you should know that this is not bad.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make money programming, on the contrary, there are different reliable options that can help you earn money while you wait for your dream job, in many cases these “temporary options” become the main source of income.

Here we leave you 6 ways to earn money programming. We tried them all and that is why we share them with you, so we will also share the pros, the cons.

  1. Freelance Jobs

Websites like Fiverr and Upwork make life easier for freelancers. We no longer need to actively seek out clients, but they come to us on these platforms. Of course, both websites will take their cut for every service we provide, but it’s still worth it.

Fiverr is one of the sites where you need to be very attentive with the qualifications of those who seek the service, since it depends on how well you can do in the experience with these

On Fiverr, you just need to create an account to start offering a service. You can create as many gigs as you want, yes, that’s what they call the jobs there, from web development to web scraping, but we recommend that you start in a small niche.

For example, Fiverr already has a lot of jobs in web development, so you may find it difficult to get clients in that niche because there is too much competition. However, if you are in a small niche within web development, your chances of landing a client will increase.

Pros: You don’t have to actively look for clients.

Cons: There is already too much competition, so choose your niche wisely.

  1. Sell online courses

Selling online courses is very profitable, but there are so many online courses that only a few get a good share of the pie, many are lies and some are cheap copies of others, so they generate mistrust and often end up in the backyard of the Internet.

Again, you need to find a niche where there is little competition. If there aren’t many successful courses in a field, that field is probably worth it, that’s where you have to attack with all the tools you have.

Also, you should check what are the strengths and weaknesses of the other online courses. How? Just take a look at the comments section of the course. For example, on Udemy, there are many positive and negative comments in the “student feedback” section of any course. Try to read some of them and keep them in mind when creating your own course.

If this is your first time taking online courses, you can buy a cheap course and learn the structure of it. If the course you are taking belongs to the competition, then you might be able to see firsthand what to do and what to avoid.

Pros: Online courses are good for generating passive income.

Cons: Some courses are so crowded that it is too difficult to sell courses.

  1. Make video tutorials

Everyone knows that people make money on YouTube, but only a few know that you don’t have to have a lot of subscribers to make a decent amount of money.

Yes, YouTube videos make money through ads, but the thing is that this is not the only way to make money on YouTube. You can also earn money with affiliate links and sponsored content.

If your channel has a small but valuable niche, like technology or artificial intelligence, companies might contact you to sponsor one of your videos or to make a video dedicated to your platform. Paying for a single video tends to be more than for the other options listed in this article.

Pros: Not only do you get paid to make videos, but you create your own brand.

Cons: Growing on YouTube can be slow.

  1. Tutoring

You can earn money by teaching others what you know, either in your city or online.

There are many students in schools and colleges who need to learn to code for a test, project, or assignment. This is when you can use your skills to teach others. The best part about this is that you learn twice by teaching.